For your unique products, a bespoke simulator: H-SIM provides.

Latest news:

06/2013: H-SIM has been selected by a major international aeronautical equipment manufacturer (wishes to remain anonymous) to facilitate the development of their product. Throughout the product lifecycle H-SIM simulators will help to prototype and test innovative features.

04/2013: Lastest version of Microdrones UAV flight simulator delivered by H-SIM.

10/2012: Upgraded Euroflir gimbal simulator delivered to SAGEM, and ready for EURONAVAL 2012.



08/2012: Microdrones UAV simulator by H-SIM displayed at AUVSI 2012 , Las Vegas.

07/2012: A new UAV flight simulator to be delivered to Microdrones GmbH.


06/2012: New video of SpotterSIM for WESCAM MX-15 HDi gimbal system.

06/2012: New video of the SAGEM EUROFLIR simulator.

06/2012: SpotterSIM for WESCAM MX-15 HDi at Eurosatory.


06/2012: H-SIM delivers a helicopter simulator, integrated to a new SAFRAN SAGEM demonstator, for the EUROFLIR program.


06/2012: H-SIM delivers a Wescam MX-15 HDI flight simulator to CAE Aviation. This simulator includes all the features of the latest MX-15 HDI, including EOW, EON(spotter )and IR virtual sensor. This simulator will be displayed at Eurosatory 2012.




05/2012: H-SIM delivers the new Wescam MX-15 HDI flight simulator to CAE Aviation.


09/2011: H-SIM to deliver a new Wescam MX-15 HDI gimbal/sensor simulator to CAE Aviation.

06/2011: H-SIM to deliver a new gimbal/sensor simulator to SAGEM EUROFLIR.




10/2010: H-SIM to deliver a new UAV simulator for electric fixed-wing UAV.


06/2010: H-SIM delivers a new UAV simulator for electric rotary-wing UAV.


04/2010: New high density visual database for urban environment.


02/2010: Combat helicopter simulator delivered to the customer .


01/2010: H-SIM to deliver three networked combat helicopter simulators.



11/2009: In partnership with SURVEY-Copter, H-SIM organizes demonstrations of its UAV simulators, at MILIPOL exhibition, 17-20 november,2009.

      Visit us on SURVEY-Copter booth #13D049.



10/2009: Forthcoming Simdrone UAV simulator release will include high-density cities for UAV urban operations/ law enforcement training:

09/2009: H-SIM to deliver another Simdrone UAV simulator, for operator training.

07/2009: Updated Gallery .

06/2009: H-SIM has been chosen to produce and deliver 3 helicopter simulators, based on 6-axis full motion platforms.

04/2009: H-SIM delivers the second Simdrone UAV simulator to the first end user.


03/2009: H-SIM delivers the first Simdrone UAV simulator to SURVEY Copter .

03/2009: Simdrone, the new UAV flight simulator is now available.


01/2009: H-SIM launches a new project for a UAV simulator in partnership with SURVEY Copter and weControl .